puyang luxury hall began soft opening


Yajiasi  puyang luxury hall began soft opening on New Year's day

Puyang City, the local decoration is the most high-grade, the most taste, the best show Italy simple and refined style kitchen cabinet showroom-- Yajiasi  puyang luxury hall began soft opening. Yajiasi as China cabinet industry of the new brand, since the creation of the brand has been be conscientious and do one's best, strictly control the layers of processes, and strive to achieve the perfect quality, the deposition and accumulation of a few years, eventually get the recognition and support of customers, won the "China cabinets ten most valuable brands" "Chinese most trusted consumer ten big brand" and other honorary. Yajiasi Puyang luxury hall establishment to further enhance Yajiasi ways in the Henan area of service, also will give Puyang the owners brought European standard cabinets and luxury kitchen life experience.

Into the Yajiasi Puyang luxury exhibition hall, from outside to inside of the simple and elegant breath attack. 99 roses blooming in the light off water, decorative lamp to create a romantic atmosphere, coupled with the comfort of the reception area and Italian style cabinets, the perfect outline a high-end atmospheric ambry showroom, let consumers see cabinets, cabinets as a high-quality enjoyment.

According to the shop staff, establish a good brand reputation to reward our Puyang owners and Yajiasi Puyang luxury hall launched "on New Year's Day activities during the end of crazy promotion, try industry naked price Rangli, dual preferential, eight surprise" promotional activities, for consumers with better quality, more high-quality kitchen life services and the simple and romantic Italian life, to fully experience the kitchen is a cooking fire place, or one can access the Internet, baked goods, watch TV, drink, party, noncommittal life field.

More value the promotion, please go to the scene activities or hotline: 0393-8803888
Store address: Puyang City, Henan Province, the Yellow River road and Yumen Road intersection Yimei Home Furnishing East
Event registration: http://www.WeiSiHuicucine.com/IndustryNewsShow.aspx?ID=30

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