To help the orphan student , love always on the road


Yajiasi---to help the orphan student , love always on the road

So far, in any mature industries, enterprises in the pursuit of  innovation and professional products, should bear more social  responsibility,
 to serve the society. Without a sense of social responsibility of enterprises must be an unconvincing enterprise, an unconvincing enterprise
 that is not go far away.

In the several years, Yajiasi is not only hard for domestic consumersin general to provide international products and considerate service,
but also has spent a great deal of energy to participate in public welfare undertakings, to set an example in the furniture
industry, promote Home Furnishing industry to actively fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise, 
the common concern of social vulnerable groups, the body force for charity, set off a new ethos of public interest in the industry,
as a company with social responsibility.

To help the Orphan students, start from you and me
With the Guangdong Public orphan student association cooperation "orphan student, start from you and me" this activity, is the Yajiasi
furniture company executives understand that in the not far away fromus in the occasional mountain has many friends for various family
misfortune into poverty, food, clothes, homework into question, not even the entrance of this situation, then contact the Guangdong Public
orphan Student Association, by mutual active communication,aid to the poor orphan fit in easily with a good decision, funded by the Yajiasi
furniture company and its stores, factories, Guangdong and orphan contact will be responsible for pediatric recipients, the donor. Except during
the best Italian kitchen cabinet feeding and its store donated 200000 yuan, to call for more people love to help orphans, also decided in Guangdong
eight stores sell every set of cabinets, in the name of the consumer to donate 300 yuan, to help the orphaned poor child together.

Love always on the road, in the several years ,the executives appointed the company employees regularly visits the poor children, give them the
 learning activities, to understand and care about their life and study, registration information, so that the subsidies and lead more people love to
participate in this work.

Besides, Love is still continued, the Yajiasi Foshan luxury hall takepart in Shunde A8 Building Materials Association and Shunde Charity
Federation, also held AEON mall "love evening sale". The best young Italian kitchen cabinet museum experience will be part of the payment
 activities during the customers to sign the bill of integral ambry to Shunde Charity Federation, Shunde children's Welfare Institute as expenses.

Yajiasi Jiaozuo luxury hall joined the Jiaozuo businessmen "inn love" activities, the activities of the service is our most worthy and the unknown
to the public "city beautician" sanitation worker. In summer we for the sanitation workers to cool to quench their thirst for water, air conditioning,
bench;In winter we  preparate of hot tea, set up special rest room and put on a simple bedding, gave them new year couplets.

This a series of activities of love, is a company and brand to fulfill their social responsibilities, set an example by personally taking part in public
welfare undertakings embodied. Hope is Yajiasi not only for young consumers to provide quality products to convey to the cabinet mission
society, also have a sense of social responsibility brand image.

Yajiasi furniture company responsible person said, the company will continue to concern, as in the past to join the public welfare charity, and hope
that the cabinet industry together to fulfill their corporate social civic duty, actively participate in charity, and create a good atmosphere of public
spirited cabinet industry.

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